Frequently Asked Questions

Why is all this construction happening?

The North Outfall project is constructing storm drain improvements to mitigate nuisance flooding to residents north of downtown Brighton.

How do I know if my home is in the construction zone?

The BNO construction project is being done in phases. Flyers are delivered to residents that will be impacted by a street closure or construction activity about a week before construction starts in their area. This website provides up-to-date information about current and future construction activities. You can also sign up to get voicemail, text, or email messages about construction activity through this website. 

Will emergency services be affected by construction?

No, emergency services will be available and will have access to residences during construction. 

Will postal services be affected by construction?

No, postal services will not be interrupted during construction. 

Will trash services be interrupted during construction?

No, trash services should run without interruption during construction. If there are specific instances where trash service would be affected during construction, residents will be informed in advance so alternate plans can be made.

  • BCD Trash: (303) 659-3779
  • VSPS: (303) 637-0826
  • Waste Management: (323) 832-7715
What should I do if I have a problem related to the construction?

Any problems or concerns should be reported by contacting us by phone, text, or email. If immediate assistance related to the construction is needed, talk directly to a crew member that is on-site, or call the on-site superintendent at (720) 202-2446.

Project Concerns and Resolution

There have been no project concerns or problems submitted at this time.